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About me: 

I’m a 20 year old lingerie-addicted American finishing a degree in Economic Development. Welcome to my fit-based lingerie blog! I’m a filthy liberal (and proud of it), I obsessively drink smoothies, and I’m an ocean addict. I want to start my own lingerie brand and boutique someday.

In terms of lingerie, I love everything black and lately have been drawn towards edgier designs with original silhouettes. Currently I’m lusting over everything at Karolina Laskowska, Hopeless Lingerie, and Bordelle. I’m a major believer in shopping Indie and do my best to support small, female owned businesses as much as possible. I believe in ethically made garments, and am working towards my New Years Resolution of only buying full-priced from either places that sell my rare bra size (26FF) or ethical, small companies.

I’m always happy to chat about bras/lingerie/the world on Twitter (@petitcollegiate) or through email grace@thepetitecollegiate.com

My measurements:

Tight under bust: 23 inches

Snug under bust: 24 inches

Loose under bust: 25 inches

Standing bust: 31.5 inches

Leaning bust: 32.5 inches

Lying bust: 32  inches

Horizontal breast perimeter: 8.7 inches

Vertical breast perimeter: 7 inches

Frame width: 9.5 inches

My Shape:

Full on bottom, projected (with immediate projection), close set, firm tissue, narrow, short roots

My typical sizing:

British brands: 26FF, 28E/F

Comexim: 55HH

Ewa Michalak: 55FF/G

Anna Pardal: 28FF (but I’m thinking of moving to 26G)

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